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The Anti Racism Fund

Who we are? We are the Anti-Racism Fund, young people taking action to enact change and foster unity.

Our Mission. As a response to the inequities experienced by the Black Community, the Anti-Racism Fund provides capital from a pool of donations to an evanescent portfolio of curated organizations whose ethos align with ARF’s four pillars of purpose:

Why? Racism permeates our society and its institutions. Our goal is to eradicate these inequalities and build equity in our community. The Anti-Racism Fund connects you with a hand-selected portfolio of organizations aligned with the four pillars that affect our society.

What have we done? We have raised over $350,000 and counting for our first two portfolios which includes the following organizations:

What we want to do? More. We are continuing to expand our fundraising capabilities and are constantly working to identify new organizations to incorporate into our portfolios.

How to stay involved?